Another Round of The Good Stuff

Hi, Hello and Welcome Back to the UMMM page! 

Today we're requesting that you drop a fantasy, if you will, a theoretical dream shoot. Let us know a NookieCutter model of your choice and what you're dying to see them shoot. Don't worry about being outlandish, just let us know what you'd love to see your fave do. But do be clear, don't just list a name and a word. No "Foo and Leather" we wanna know details! 

Comment with your email address for the chance of being sent the clip of Vonka and Foo after wrapping up the "Playthings vid" You know that awesome clip from Twitter? Yeah, it's a whole lot more of that! So don't be shy and don't miss out.

Battle Royale : First Day

Nine Videos have been retired! A few more have been marked down to 10! What videos will survive the next Spring Clean?! Make sure you don't sleep on those classics or else you'll miss out once they're gone.

We have more on the way. Including character themed smut, fun with lighting experiments and some other great stuff you'll have to just wait to see. Got any ideas? Let us know by dropping a comment. 

Spring Cleaning is here!

All the snow melted and the temperature is rising here in New York! That means Spring is descending. 

Our Drive is bursting with videos! It's time for a big ass clean out to make way for all the content we've been working on! LOTS of videos are leaving NookieCutter starting in March. If you see a vid priced at 10 ... it's goin!! There's some 15 vids that are on their way out as well, including "Over Exposed II" and "Fresh N Clean" with Pigeon and Freshie. If you've been sleeping those videos make sure to grab them real quick because they're among the first to go! 


Just a Tiddy Bit of a Blog Update!!

As with any people-centric business and especially the kind that is as built on creativity as our site is... you see a lot of flux in the ranks. Meaning that with companies and sites that feature models, those faces come and go. Some of your fave models might be moving around a lot right now, or have a lot on their plate which makes hitting up the studio more difficult... We have new models debuting, there's content on the way of some of your staple models, others might not be back for a bit. Life is a wild ride and it's difficult to predict who will be around when. 

We're also looking forward to traveling a little bit ourselves, thereby providing some more fresh faces for NookieCutter that can't make it out to us under regular circumstances. If these trips go well we are eager to head even further out in the future and work with even more of the people that we can't see regularly. 

Make sure to check out our new NC models as they debut, you might find your next fave to look forward to. Don't forget to give love to our current and past models as well! We're doing our best to bring you future sets and vids of as many of our models as possible over this year! 


It's not D Day, it's V DAY! All the chocolate and cards! Maybe some lube, too. 

Sound off and let us know who you love, who's your fave here on NookieCutter? Which Upperclassperv strikes your fancy? Comment and spread that love around for the chance to get a free vid of Foo to titillate your holiday festivities. 


Today is Lady Luna's birthday!! To celebrate our Bottom Bitch gaining another year on this Earth we have put everything Luna on sale! Get her image sets for $15 each and all videos are marked down to $20 each. Tell her happy birthday and pick yourself up something nice at the same time. 

We've also got some brand new, extra hot content coming to the site today for the birthday girl so make sure you look for her newest video/set combo! Don't miss out. :) 

A Quick Update Post!

The Valentine's Sale was a home run! With the consistent amazing turn out for our sales and sitewide deals we are looking forward to doing them more and trying out some new things with how we provide deals and sales as well! We will have another raffle going live for one person to win a free 7 minute custom video in the future so make sure you keep your eyes open and don't miss your chance! 

In a strive to put out not only consistent but increased quality content there's going to be some spring cleaning here on NookieCutter. We'll be clearing out some older content, sets and videos alike, to make way for newer, bigger, better content! We have several new models waiting to debut and even more test shoots for future models planned and on the way! So if there's any content you've been putting off because you figured it would be here forever ... you might wanna get on that because nothing is promised!! Things will start being removed during March so consider this a final call of sorts to grab anything you feel might be on the chopping block! 

We're really excited to roll out new pages and features and show you a ton of great debut content as well! Make sure you keep coming back to see what's new and follow us on social media for updates. 

Musings on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and New Years!


Giant thank you's all around to everyone for another successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Each and every year we shoot to outdo the year before in terms of our Holiday Sales and thanks to you... We succeed! Let's shoot to outdo this year NEXT year but in the mean time we thank everyone that supported us by grabbing content during that weekend. Using our (first ever) discount code and then hitting the site again to comb through the RIDICULOUS price drops on Cyber Monday. 

Did you enjoy the discount code?! It was interesting to initiate our first ever code and seeing it work so well! We're certainly excited to use this system in the future so let us know about the Black Friday sale code and help us decide when and how we should enact them in the future. 

We also have some changes coming out that you'll start seeing in the New Year. We always strive to add to the site in terms of content. From the kinds of sets and videos available, to how you interact with us and the set up of the site itself. Hollow2.5 is busy as Hell shooting content with the NC models and prepping for these new additions. It will come with things like MORE NERD AND COSPLAY SMUT which we know you all are itching for, yeah?! Well, get ready because that's on the way plus lots more. As we get closer to launching these additions and changes we will be sharing the news on social media and we're looking forward to hearing back from all of you! 

Drop some comments on this journal for us to let us know what you're hoping to see, or you want more of! We want to keep our awesome people happy and excited to see what's to come so let us know what works, what you want to make sure gets focused on and so on. 

Big ASS Thank Yous!

Thank you, thank you to all of our #upperclasspervs who purchased during the Cyber Monday sale. It was a great day and we were kept busy for the entire thing! All of you who picked up one or two things for the first time to see what we're all about, I hope you enjoyed it and come back for more. For our regulars and our big spenders, I apologize for making your wallets cry. . .  and that I plan on doing it again. No mercy. Lots of great content is planned out for the end of our Holiday season and this year and then on to more things next year! 

We have some models returning for super sexy content, we have some new girls who have debuted recently and even some new ones who are coming up for their debuts soon so as always keep your eyes on the site and our social pages to see what's new, what's hot and who's shooting! 

Let us know what you thought of the sets and vids you bought, tell us who you want more of and give us lots of sexy suggestions to keep in mind for our next shoot. We want to know what you want more of, what's doing it for you and we aim to keep the content fresh, never stale. 


NookieCutter has made some big steps since it's inception and we are constantly moving forward. Hollow puts as much energy as he can and then more towards the site, the content, the models and the studio. This new site is still a work and progress and we thank all of you for being here while it grows bigger. The excitement that's been shown by our models, customers and fans alike is wonderful and the entire team is thankful for the patience from everyone while we continue to update, change, move and do more. 2015 has been a huge year and many of our firsts happened. Let's all come together to make 2016 bigger, better and badder. 

A big, big, BIG thank you for all of our upperclass pervs. 


Marshmallow creme is a sweet treat when it's on a naked girl. Messy shoots are always fun and the models love doing them. With baby oil, lubes, champagne, candy and an array of other sweet and sticky options out there.... would you like to keep seeing more? Comment to give us ideas on what you'd like to see your fave models covered in! 


Which kinds of sets are your favorites.... when the girls are getting dirty out in nature or the more clean cut aesthetic of the studio? Let us know what kinds of locations you want to see, or want MORE of, in future sets and vids. If Urban Decay is your thing or seeing the models get naked in bath tubs.... hit up the comments and throw us some ideas. 


With even more girl on girl content coming down the pipe for us.... should we work towards 3 girl and 4 girl sets and videos? Comment to let us know if you'd like polls to vote on future 2 girl and multi-girl content in the future including themes and which models should work together. Have ideas? Sound off in the comments and be heard. :) 


NookieCutter has been putting out more solo masturbation content from our ladies and we like to mix it up and keep it fresh. When viewing the solo play sets and videos do you have a preference for toys or fingers? Let us know what you'd like to see focus on in the future when the models get down. Feel free to comment your thoughts.