Big ASS Thank Yous!

Thank you, thank you to all of our #upperclasspervs who purchased during the Cyber Monday sale. It was a great day and we were kept busy for the entire thing! All of you who picked up one or two things for the first time to see what we're all about, I hope you enjoyed it and come back for more. For our regulars and our big spenders, I apologize for making your wallets cry. . .  and that I plan on doing it again. No mercy. Lots of great content is planned out for the end of our Holiday season and this year and then on to more things next year! 

We have some models returning for super sexy content, we have some new girls who have debuted recently and even some new ones who are coming up for their debuts soon so as always keep your eyes on the site and our social pages to see what's new, what's hot and who's shooting! 

Let us know what you thought of the sets and vids you bought, tell us who you want more of and give us lots of sexy suggestions to keep in mind for our next shoot. We want to know what you want more of, what's doing it for you and we aim to keep the content fresh, never stale.