Musings on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and New Years!


Giant thank you's all around to everyone for another successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Each and every year we shoot to outdo the year before in terms of our Holiday Sales and thanks to you... We succeed! Let's shoot to outdo this year NEXT year but in the mean time we thank everyone that supported us by grabbing content during that weekend. Using our (first ever) discount code and then hitting the site again to comb through the RIDICULOUS price drops on Cyber Monday. 

Did you enjoy the discount code?! It was interesting to initiate our first ever code and seeing it work so well! We're certainly excited to use this system in the future so let us know about the Black Friday sale code and help us decide when and how we should enact them in the future. 

We also have some changes coming out that you'll start seeing in the New Year. We always strive to add to the site in terms of content. From the kinds of sets and videos available, to how you interact with us and the set up of the site itself. Hollow2.5 is busy as Hell shooting content with the NC models and prepping for these new additions. It will come with things like MORE NERD AND COSPLAY SMUT which we know you all are itching for, yeah?! Well, get ready because that's on the way plus lots more. As we get closer to launching these additions and changes we will be sharing the news on social media and we're looking forward to hearing back from all of you! 

Drop some comments on this journal for us to let us know what you're hoping to see, or you want more of! We want to keep our awesome people happy and excited to see what's to come so let us know what works, what you want to make sure gets focused on and so on.