Just a Tiddy Bit of a Blog Update!!

As with any people-centric business and especially the kind that is as built on creativity as our site is... you see a lot of flux in the ranks. Meaning that with companies and sites that feature models, those faces come and go. Some of your fave models might be moving around a lot right now, or have a lot on their plate which makes hitting up the studio more difficult... We have new models debuting, there's content on the way of some of your staple models, others might not be back for a bit. Life is a wild ride and it's difficult to predict who will be around when. 

We're also looking forward to traveling a little bit ourselves, thereby providing some more fresh faces for NookieCutter that can't make it out to us under regular circumstances. If these trips go well we are eager to head even further out in the future and work with even more of the people that we can't see regularly. 

Make sure to check out our new NC models as they debut, you might find your next fave to look forward to. Don't forget to give love to our current and past models as well! We're doing our best to bring you future sets and vids of as many of our models as possible over this year!